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Redefining senior care through the use of cutting-edge technology, we proudly offer SmartCompanion™, Care Call 4 You, and VoiceHealth—virtual care services designed to give independence, safety, and well-being. This approach not only empowers seniors but also provides caregivers and loved ones with the assurance and support they need in the modern age of healthcare.

Tailored to cater to the preferences of seniors who wish to maintain their independent lifestyles, this program also provides caregivers and loved ones with the peace of mind they desire.

Empowering Independence with Alexa® Technology

Key Features:

Voice-Activated Assistance: Through Alexa® technology, seniors can effortlessly request assistance, inquire about medication schedules, or even engage in friendly conversation with their digital companion.

Smart Medical Alerts: In case of emergencies, SmartCompanion can automatically trigger alerts to caregivers or medical professionals, ensuring rapid response and potentially life-saving interventions.

Peace of Mind for Caregivers: Caregivers can remotely monitor the well-being and safety of their loved ones, knowing that SmartCompanion is there to provide immediate support.

Automated Health Monitoring for Independent Living

Key Features:

Wellness Indicators: The system monitors vital health indicators, including blood pressure, weight, possible swelling or bruising, medication usage, mobility, and other metrics, delivering valuable data for healthcare decision-making.

Alerts and Notifications: Our healthcare professional and your designated caregiver are alerted if any worrisome changes or irregularities are identified, allowing for swift intervention when needed.

Data-Driven Insights: VoiceHealth gathers and analyzes data over time, providing insights into long-term health trends. This valuable information empowers seniors and their caregivers to make informed decisions about their care.

Professional, Personalized Care through Phone Calls

Key Features:

Regular Wellness Check-Ins: Our healthcare professionals perform comprehensive wellness assessments during every call, attending to any concerns or problems that seniors may raise.

Social Connection: More than medical care, these calls offer seniors valuable social interaction, alleviating feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Ongoing Updates for Loved Ones: Family members and caregivers are kept in the loop with ongoing updates about their loved one’s health and well-being, fostering transparency and providing peace of mind.